A two component, epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating for the protection of concrete and steel substrates. 


The world of Intercrete

Structural concrete: repair and protection

IP1341 Intercrete 4841_UK_HR

Acquired by AkzoNobel in 2017, and now sold as Intercrete® under the leading coatings brand International®, this range provides innovative mortars and coatings for the reinstatement and long term protection of reinforced concrete structures within both maintenance and repair and new construction. AkzoNobel’s International® brand is the world leader in marine, yacht and protective coatings. A long-standing brand synonymous with innovation and collaboration, it is the preferred choice of industry leaders looking for excellence and expertise

IP2096 Intercrete 4890

Intercrete™ 4890 is an advanced, low VOC, flexible water based coating.Designed to provide protection against carbonation and water ingress without entrapping moisture within damp substrates.ast dry – two coat application achieved in one day.
A low maintenance coating for internal and external use.

Specifications for
water and wastewater

Concrete structures encounter, and must protect against, unique conditions in water and waste water processing plants. With various application areas, including tanks, pipelines and water barriers, coatings must be able to withstand chemical, impact and abrasion, hydrostatic pressure and immersion conditions. Key Intercrete™ products are listed under DWI Regulation 31, for use with potable water, and combine rapid setting properties with anti-carbonation, chloride and hydrogen sulphide resistance. Intercrete repair systems can provide solutions for both new construction and maintenance in all areas of your water and waste water facility.

Advanced protection

In addition to the range of benefits Intercrete™ systems can provide to concrete substrates in a water and waste water plant, the protection provided by the use of other products from the
International brand in conjunction allows for a wider range of application areas. Enhanced chemical resistance can be realised by the use of products from the Ceilcote® or Enviroline®
ranges. Depending on the end use, increased mechanical protection, as well as impact and abrasion resistance, can be achieved through the use of products from the Interzone®,
Intershield®, Enviroline® or Ceilcote® ranges. International® can also provide solutions for potable water. For more information, contact your local representative.

Intercrete 4840

Intercrete™ 4840 is an epoxy and polymer modified cementitious coating used for waterproofing and protection of concrete from impact, abrasion and harsh chemical environments. The product can be reinforced with Intercrete™ 4872 to accommodate
movement in cracks and joints.It is Portland cement based for ultimate compatibility with concrete and offering long term protection to steel substrates.

Intercrete 4850

The Intercrete™ 4850 series is based on advanced cementitious technology allowing fast application on damp and even ‘green’ concrete. Key performance attributes include waterproofing, good resistance to impact, abrasion and a range of chemicals making it ideal for a many industrial and commercial applications.